Trippy Bored Ape Sells For $1 Million

Trippy Bored Ape Sells For $1 Million
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Bored Ape #8585 sold for 777 ETH (~$1 Million) on Saturday. This marks the largest sale of a Bored Ape with the "Trippy" Fur trait in ETH terms on OpenSea. The sale is tied for the 4th largest Bored Ape Yacht Club sale in ETH terms on OpenSea. The NFT is one of 77 with the Trippy trait in the collection, and one of only 3 Trippy apes to also have the "King's Crown" trait.

On September 18, a Bored Ape sold for 76.99 ETH, after the previous buyer purchased the NFT for 769 ETH a few weeks prior. The sale sparked conversation on the legitimacy of the original 769 ETH purchase, as there were no high-end, low-rarity traits in the NFT's metadata.

The sale comes just a couple of hours after a Zombie CryptoPunk sold for 980 ETH. The high-end Yuga Labs market is heating up.



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