Brain Drops Teases "All AI Art Looks The Same"

Brain Drops Teases "All AI Art Looks The Same"
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Brain Drops, the popular AI art platform that most recently made waves with Roope Rainisto's "Life in West America" collection released a two minute video called "All AI Art Looks The Same" today.

❓ Wait, What?

  • The video shows a collage of different AI-generated works while listing the names of several artists who have contributed in the past to Brain Drops.
  • While its meaning is unclear, several users on social media and the project's Discord are speculating that there will be an upcoming collaboration involving multiple artists from the Brain Drops collective, potentially including Claire Silver, Gene Kogan, Pindar Van Arman, Roope Rainisto and more.
  • In other words, right now no one knows what it means. But it's provocative, it gets the people going.

🎤 Community Feedback

I think its a drop with all of these artists together worked [sic] on it. So you get a little bit of Claire, a little bit of Pindar, etc., and its one story or something?@Mooncat2878

Something MASSIVE is on the horizon...@HeavensLastAngel

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