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Claire Silver Announces Snapshot for Next Collection
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Holders of artist Claire Silver's BrainDrops collection will be eligible for presale access to a Mirage Gallery Curated drop, provided they hold during a 5 p.m. ET snapshot today, Silver announced on Twitter. 

Holders of Silver's 1/1 art and all Mirage Gallery members also get early access to the mint. The mint price is 0.15 ETH.

The floor price of Silver's "Genesis" collection is 3.1 ETH and the current floor price on MG memberships is 1.5 ETH. Those with one of 50 Mirage Gallery Sentient memberships will be able to claim their Silver works at any time. 


Claire Silver Announces Snapshot for Next Collection
BrainDrops Announces Next Drop Partner, ATNP
Jason Bales

BrainDrops, an NFT launch platform for AI-generated art, announced its next drop partner, All Technique No Passion (ATNP).

The upcoming drop, which will go live on Saturday, Jul. 16, at noon ET, is a 500-piece project called Elements. It is described as "a collection of artificial intelligence generated fantasy worlds" that "affirm the magic and beauty in the unexpected and the uncanny."

Each world is inspired by one of four fundamental elements, according to BrainDrops co-founder Justin Trimble.

The premint starts, as mentioned, at 12 p.m. ET on Jul. 16. It will last for 15 minutes, and after the premint is completed, the public mint will start.

BrainDrops has been quiet since early May when it launched Chimerical Stories by Sofia Crespo and Entangled Others. Trimble acknowledged this and said that "some cool announcements" will be "coming out more regularly over the next couple months" in Discord.

Stay tuned for more updates.

BrainDrops Announces Next Drop Partner, ATNP


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