gm NFTs Jan 5: $POW Unlock, Brain Drops "Confluence

gm NFTs Jan 5: $POW Unlock, Brain Drops "Confluence
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Top News Today:

  • $POW Unlocks
  • "Confluence" by Devi Parikh on Brain Drops
  • An Update on Chainfaces Arena 
  • Market Keeps Moving

$POW and $PUNK Unlocks

Around 10:00 p.m. ET last night, $POW and $PUNKS, two ecosystem utility tokens for Pixel Vault's Punks Comic and MetaHero Identities, started to unlock for some stakers. As is typically the case with new tokens, there was some notable volatility out of the gate, at one point offering early rates of up to $30 per $POW token (it now sits around $0.40). Similarly, $PUNKS saw a few trades in the $60 range per token, but has since stabilized a bit near $2. 


"Confluence" by Devi Parikh 

Brain Drops will release its fifth curated project later today with "Confluence" by Devi Parikh. The project aims to see how AI reacts to sketches in a sketchbook, trained from inputs like human doodles, sketches, paper cutting, and more. The collection will boast 1,000 pieces and will mint for 0.1 ETH. Those who hold a complete set of "day one" Brain Drops (PodGANS, Genesis, and Brain Loops) will have a 30 minute head start on minting, starting at 11:45 am ET. The public will be able to start minting at 12:15 p.m. ET. The rest of the Brain Drops collection can be seen in our asset explorer. 


Chainfaces Arena has entered into Round 144 after a few days since kicking off. At the time of writing more than 3,600 warriors have fallen while 1,861 cowards have left the arena at the conclusion of a round. Once a warrior leaves the arena, they are unable to reenter. 

More than 11,500 warriors still remain with only a 0.18% chance of death in the next round. 

Market Keeps Moving

The market keeps moving full steam ahead after another crushing day of OpenSea volumes. With so much upward movement, projects like Thingdoms, Capsule House, and Mushrohms are heavily featured when viewing daily percent changes on our project rankings page. 

  • Thingdoms has generated nearly 133 percent boost in floor price, up to 0.35 ETH. 
  • Capsule House stormed all the way to a 1.90 ETH floor, a near 100% increase day-over-day. 
  • And Mushrohms moved 90% upwards to 1.38 ETH floor. 

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