Inhabitants: Generative Identities  NFTs

Inhabitants: Generative Identities NFT Overview

Project Information

MetaHero Identities is a unique collection of 9,678 heroes, villains, and mutants created by Pixel Vault that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  Generative MetaHero Identities could be minted at any time by redeeming MintPass #1, which is the signature NFT reservation system developed by Pixel Vault.  Punks Comic holders were entitled to one MintPass purchase per comic owned, and the mint pass was also exchangeable for a MetaHero at launch.  

Each MintPass acts as a closed digital wrapper for MetaHero until the holder is ready to redeem, which means the max supply of MetaHero Identities may not be revealed for some time. The Pixel Vault team is in the process of developing a gameplay system to expand the MetaHero Universe. MetaHero owners will also be able to stake their NFT or play for POW tokens, which was revealed as the future in-universe currency.  These tokens will be used for in-game performance boosts. 

In February 2022, Pixel Vault raised $100 million in funding from various investors. 

Each character was individually illustrated by Chris Wahl.

Starting on Nov. 25 and continuing through Dec. 2, collectors who minted a Planet DAO token will be able to claim a free Jupiter DAO token on a 1:1 basis for every Planet DAO token minted. The claim period will end at 11:00am ET on the 2nd.

On Mar. 8, 2022, Pixel Vault took a snapshot for Mintpass 2 holders, which granted planet token, MetaHero Generative and Core Identities holders to qualify for a free-to-claim NFT.