Punks Comic NFTs

Punks Comic NFT Overview

Project Information

Punks Comics are comic NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain, created by the Pixel Vault team. Punks Comic chronicles Beanie's journey, one of 16 characters in the Punks issue, from humble auction house busboy to digital art kingpin. There are a total of 16 Punks that contribute to the total story of the comic. 

Issue #1 of Punks Comic was released on May 10th, 2021 and was available to mint for .08 ETH. 

Staking of Punks Comic Issue #1 for $PUNKS and Metgageri Identities for $POW is now live. Go to punkscomic.com/stake to stake your NFT.  The contract was audited by Hacken Club.

Since launch, Punks Comic and the team at Pixel Vault have pushed the boundaries of utlity and creativity in NFTs. 

Firstly, Punks Comic holders had the opportunity to “stake” comics in return for $PUNKS tokens. The $PUNKS tokens represented fractionalized ownership of the 16 CryptoPunks who are characters in Issue #1 of the Punks Comic. $PUNKS token holders are also set to receive a proportional amount of the profits of all future Punks Merchandise sales. 

Holders could also gain exposure to $PUNKS tokens via the Pixel Vault Founder's DAO, which holds 25% of the $PUNKS tokens in circulation. In order to receive a Founder’s DAO token/NFT, members needed to burn an issue of the Punks Comic. 

Holding a Founder’s Dao token grants proportional access to the The Pixel Vault Founder's DAO assets. The estimated value of the Founder's DAO at inception was 600+ETH.  

Additionally, Punks Comic holders were later aidropped a “mint pass,” to a companion avatar project “Metaheroes.” This mint pass allowed users to mint Metaheroes for .08 ETH and was one of the first installations of mint passes, which help to curb the gas war problem typically associated with Etheruem NFT drops. 

The Pixel Vault team aims to build an entire Metahero Metaverse, and Metahero holders are to granted two sidekick companions as well as DAO tokens in the near future.

In late 2021, Pixel Vault launched their second Punks Comic, Punks Comic #2 which ironically features Bored Ape Yacht Club assets. 

In February 2022, Pixel Vault raised $100 million in funding from various investors.