BrainDrops Now Available on Sansa

BrainDrops Now Available on Sansa
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BrainDrops announced today that it has a new secondary marketplace partnership with @sansaxyz.

❗ Why It Matters

Royalties will be honored on Sansa, and this is great news for artists and creators caught in the crosshairs of the OpenSea-Blur feud that has recently targeted creator royalties. This development comes a week after Art Blocks moved to normalize creator royalties on aggregated listings on its own secondary marketplace.

Sansa is a leading marketplace for the world of generative art, designed for Art Blocks. So it comes as no surprise that Sansa's art first experience would be an appealing home for BrainDrops' AI-generated art platform. Separately, OpenSea cross-listed Sansa's listings last month, while only imposing Sansa's 1% listing fee rather than its own 2.5% fee (at the time; of course, this was 10 days before OpenSea went to 0% fees for a limited time).

🎤 Community Quotes

Outstanding to be honest; Sansa has wonderful way of displaying art, especially the Braindrops collection@toadz5490

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