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About BYOLand

BYOLand is a collection of 10,056 land parcels in the BYOVerse.

Each BYOLand parcel will contain resources to be harvested by the Apostles, the genesis avatar project from the BYOPills team. Resources can be used to craft items and consumables as well.

BYOLand parcels are fully customizable and can be built on, earning players $TRYP, the project's utility token. All holders will be able to select their land location from the BYOVerse map. In the future BYOPills will have an impact on the terrain and resource yield of each holders' BYOLand.

News Feed

BYOPills announced that BYOLands are reaching the final stages of terraforming in a tweet this morning

The tweet was accompanied by a video showcasing the terraforming process, and a note that urges holders to refresh the metadata for their BYOLand NFTs. 

As BYOLands approach the completion of terraforming, they should now showcase the BYOME (zone), resources and resource abundance, and the details of the BYOLand environment. 

The final message in the accompanying video indicates that Apostle suits are still required for survival. 

BYOLand NFTs currently hold a floor price of 0.429 ETH. 


BYOLand Reaching Final Terraforming Stages

BYOPills will be updating the metadata for its project BYOLAND on June 28 according to a recent tweet.

The new image display will now feature a visual of the NFTs' traits.

The update will have no effect on the rarity of the NFT. 

BYOPills Updating BYOLAND Metadata

BYOPills announced via Twitter that its highly-anticipated land selection is coming soon with the map explorer going live on May 31.

The map explorer will initially launch in explore-only mode, which means NFT holders can see the BYOVerse but cannot select their land parcels. Explore-only mode will be live for two weeks, then land selection will take place. More details on exact dates and times are expected in the coming days.

Before selecting their land, BYOLand holders should understand how trade routes work. Despite being able to teleport in the metaverse, transporting resources to and from the market is an important aspect of the BYOVerse gameplay.

Each region has towns and outposts, and most of the trading will occur in towns. When purchasing resources from a specific town, those resources will remain in that town until an Apostle (presumably riding a BYOCraft) travels to town and collects them. The same is true of selling. To sell, Apostles will have to travel to a town or outpost.

BYOLand in the middle of nowhere is safer, but it takes much more time to travel to towns and outposts. And road quality also matters. If the roads are old and deteriorated, it will be harder to travel on them.

If you don't want to waste all that time travelling, use a BYOCraft or teleportation portal, but remember, the costs are high. 

More information on trade routes and BYOLand is available on BYODocs official website. 

BYOPills Says Land Selection Coming Soon, Explains Trade Routes


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