1/1 byteGANg Goes Up For Auction At Sotheby's

1/1 byteGANg Goes Up For Auction At Sotheby's
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A 1/1 byteGAN (or byteGANg in this case) NFT is being auctioned by Sotheby's, with an estimated price set at 10,000 Euros (about $10.7k USD)

❗ Why It Matters

Van Arman is one of the pioneers of AI art NFTs, and having his work featured at Sotheby's serves can be interpreted as a stamp of approval from the traditional art world.

The Details

  • Within the byteGAN collection, there are 11 total 1/1s, called "byteGANgs."
  • These byteGANgs are unique in that they feature more than one byteGAN in the art. The piece being auctioned by Sotheby's features 16 black and white "octo primeGANs," as described by Van Arman.
  • The byteGAN collection was one of the big winners in weekend trading, with its floor price rising 29% to 1.8 ETH as of this morning.

⚡ Take Action

  • Those interested in placing a bid on this unique item can do so here. Bids can either be placed in fiat or cryptocurrency.


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