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Pindar Van Arman Lays Out Future Plans
Bill Monighetti

Leading web3 AI generative artist Pindar Van Arman laid out his plans for the near future in a Twitter thread posted last night. Van Arman addresses his vision both for his existing collections and new works.

🔎The Details

  1. AI Imagined Faced: A 100-edition collection hosted by BrightMoments. This collection will be minted in person, at a location in Tokyo. Minters will also receive a "physical canvas."
  2. Decoherence: More "occasional limited edition artist grade 4"x6" and 10"x10" giveaways" on an unscheduled basis.
  3. bitGANs/podGANs/byteGANs: Van Arman says that bitGANs and podGANs are both "done," though podGANs may be involved in future BrainDrops drops. byteGANs, on the other hand, "will be active in multiple ways." Upcoming Crucible events will allow holders to upgrade their NFTs to new types. There will also be more byteGANgs 1/1 auctions in the future.
  4. qubitGANs: Van Arman described this as his "most anticipated future drop," describing it as a combination of bitGANs with the technical quality of Decoherence. Van Arman adds, "Am digging deep into quantum computers and their significance to do something great with these." The collection will be released during the second half of this year.

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Pindar Van Arman Lays Out Future Plans
byteGANS Are Beginning To Mutate!

AI Artist Pindar Van Arman, creator of byteGANgs released an update on "le Crucible" - a place where byteGANgs go to "cook for a bit, merge with others, and come out as a rarer new hybrid."

❗ Why It Matters

In the "le Crucible" a new kind of byteGAN called "cycloGANs" are created. Adding a new third skull, third octo, and third cyber - these limited creations will upgrade some common byteGANs into rares, however, there is still much more to learn about them. 

Pindar also states that these new iterations are a creative way to combat Blur token farming within the collection while also rewarding long-term collectors.

🔎 The Deets

  • byteGANs will be upgrading from Common types to Rare types, in very limited quantities.
  • These will not dilute the rarity of your byteGANs if you hold UltraRares or Uniques.
  • The plan will be to sweep the floor and send pieces to Crucible which will then melt them and evolve them into new types.
  • These new, rarer creations will be re-released back into the existing collection, either as trades or sales, to keep the crucible burning and upgrading.

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byteGANS Are Beginning To Mutate!