C-01 NFTs

C-01 NFT Overview

Project Information

C-01 is a collection of 8,088 fashion-focused digital collectible NFTs from Warner Bros designer.

C-01 aims to merge the fashion industry with digital collectibles and become pioneers for the evolution of fashion in the metaverse.

Holders of a C-01 will gain access exclusive digital collections with well-known clothing brands reserved for C-01 holders. Every deal made from the C-01 project will be shared with core holders and the community through token ownership. This will be done by splitting the revenue made with the fashion industry directly with core holders. The money earned will be given to holders via tokens, exclusive branded NFT drops, and physical merch drops from the fashion partners.

The project also plans to purchase land and hold fashion shows in the Sandbox and Decentraland metaverses.

The team consists of two core members: the lead 3D designer for C-01, Gilberto Zaragoza, is a sculptor and 3D concept artist who has worked alongside media franchises such as Warner Bros, Disney’s Marvel, Netflix, and Bandai. NFT clothing tailor Luis Monteiro is a French modelist who has provided his craftsmanship to world-renowned brands such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Chloé, and Louis Vuitton’s LVMH group.