Candy Digital Announces TITAN Burn

Candy Digital Announces TITAN Burn
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Candy Digital is holding another TITAN burn today at 1 p.m. ET., according to a tweet from the platform Monday.

The queue will open at 12:50 p.m. ET. and users will have a 10-minute window to burn. If successful, users will receive a five-minute cooldown. To receive a TITAN ICON, a user has to burn at least 100 points worth of ICONs and at least 51 points of the player to receive TITAN rarity. Here are the points by rarity:

  • Core = 3 points 
  • Uncommon = 6 points 
  • Rare = 15 points 
  • Epic = 40 points 

For example, Candy says: to mint a new Mike Trout TITAN ICON, a user could burn two Epic Trout ICONs (80 points) + one Rare ICON (15 points) + one Uncommon ICON (6 points) = 101 total points.

MLB Leadoff Series ICONs from 2022 are the only ones eligible for burn challenges. For a list of available TITAN players, Candy has published a list of them. 

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