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Getty Images Dusting Off Archives for NFTs
Logan Hitchcock

Getty Images and Candy Digital are teaming up to release an inaugural collection of NFTs celebrating the music and culture of the 1970s, according to a tweet thread from Candy Digital. 

The Deets

"Exposure" features a collection of rare archival footage from the 1970s. Find key details below:

  • The collection will feature rare and iconic images from Getty Images' archives, featuring Elvis, David Bowie, and more.
  • The collection will be available on Mar. 21 at at 1:00 p.m. ET. 
  • Individual images can be had for $25, while collections will be $200. 

❗Why It Matters

Getty Images has been capturing and collecting a vast array of the top culutural events of the last century and its venturing into web3 provides individuals with unique ownership experiences not previously available. While the first drop features iconic moments from the 1970s, many more rare snapshots of time could potentially become available through official drops with Candy Digital. 

🎬 Take Action

While users can purchase from the "Exposure" collection on Mar. 21, Candy is also offering a free digital collectible to celebrate the event. Anyone with a Candy Digital account can claim "It's Time to Light the Lights," an image captured in 1935 for free

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Getty Images Dusting Off Archives for NFTs
Fanatics Cashes Out of Candy Digital
Bill Monighetti

Fanatics is selling its 60% stake in the NFT sports collectibles company Candy Digital, according to a CNBC report that referenced an internal email sent by Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin. The stake is being sold to an investor group led by Galaxy Digital, the crypto merchant bank led by Mike Novogratz. Also included in the round was ConsenSys, ConsenSys Mesh and 10T Holdings. Terms of the fundraise were not disclosed.

Why It Matters: Fanatics is one of the largest online manufacturers of licensed sportswear and collectibles. The company now believes that NFTs are best utilized as an "integrated product/feature" that connects digital and real world items, rather than functioning as a standalone business.

Need to Know:

  • Candy Digital raised a $100 million Series A round in October 2021, valuing the company at $1.5 billion.
  • Candy Digital has formed partnerships with Getty Images, Netflix, the Race Team Alliance, and the WWE, and has raised additional funding following partnerships and expansions in the NFT market, including with Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Player Association.
  • Candy Digital will work with ConsenSys Mesh and ConsenSys to increase web3 functionality on its platform.

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Fanatics Cashes Out of Candy Digital
'Field of Dreams' Collectible NFT Fetches $4K
Staff Writer

Candy Digital's 1/1 edition artwork featuring the site of the movie "Field of Dreams" sold for $4,206 in an auction Monday.

The Field of Dreams Stadium Series Gold Edition NFT is an animated video showing artwork by minimalist artist S. Preston and an aerial photo of the Dyersville, Iowa site. The winner of the bid, @0xfa1c0, also receives an authentic baseball used in the 2022 Field of Dreams game and a physical print of the work. 

Candy Digital also sold 442 Steel ($50 each) and 292 Standard ($15 each) editions in an open buying period which ended at 11 a.m. ET. 

'Field of Dreams' Collectible NFT Fetches $4K
Candy Digital Announces TITAN Burn
Staff Writer

Candy Digital is holding another TITAN burn today at 1 p.m. ET., according to a tweet from the platform Monday.

The queue will open at 12:50 p.m. ET. and users will have a 10-minute window to burn. If successful, users will receive a five-minute cooldown. To receive a TITAN ICON, a user has to burn at least 100 points worth of ICONs and at least 51 points of the player to receive TITAN rarity. Here are the points by rarity:

  • Core = 3 points 
  • Uncommon = 6 points 
  • Rare = 15 points 
  • Epic = 40 points 

For example, Candy says: to mint a new Mike Trout TITAN ICON, a user could burn two Epic Trout ICONs (80 points) + one Rare ICON (15 points) + one Uncommon ICON (6 points) = 101 total points.

MLB Leadoff Series ICONs from 2022 are the only ones eligible for burn challenges. For a list of available TITAN players, Candy has published a list of them. 

Candy Digital Announces TITAN Burn
Select NFT Project Holders Can Get 'Stranger Things' NFTs
Staff Writer

Holders of some NFT projects including Doodles and Clone X will have a chance to get early access to Candy Digital's "Stranger Things" NFTs.

Holders of Pixel Vault Founder's DAO tokens, World of Women (and WoWGalaxy), FWENCLUB, the Heart Project, Probably Nothing Genesis, mfers and Adam Bomb Squad can also register at the Candy Digital website. The NFTs feature 17 of the characters of the Netflix show. Users can buy Mystery Boxes (containing one NFT) for $11 each or a Helllfire Club Bundle (which includes all 17 NFTs) for $275. 

The boxes and bundles will be available at 1 p.m. ET on July 14 for early access members. The general sale starts at 2 p.m. ET.

Select NFT Project Holders Can Get 'Stranger Things' NFTs