Candy Robbers NFTs

Candy Robbers NFT Overview

Project Information

Candy Robbers is a collection of 5,000 candy-themed NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, illustrated by @Yuyopsd and animated by @piuxpiupo1.

The collection is algorithmically generated from over 150 unique, hand-drawn traits.

The project aims to create a powerful animated collection for NFTs and Web 3 enthusiasts, by gathering during on-chain events (robberies) and developing a long-term community of candy lovers.

Each month, Candy Robbers will gather for robbery events and attack the most precious candy shops in the world.

Taking your Candy Robber to a robbery event will allow you to update your NFT’s rarity traits and get airdropped with surprising new NFTs, however, if Candy Robbers get caught by police officers they might get some traits confiscated and end up losing assets.