Castaways Second Collection Mints Out, Finds New Floor Price

Castaways Second Collection Mints Out, Finds New Floor Price
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Castaways - The Islands, the second NFT projects from Branch, minted out today and established a floor price around 3.5 to 4 ETH. The collection is closing in on 100 ETH in total volume trade as of the writing of this post.

This mint follows Castaways - The Raft, the first NFT project from Branch, the company behind Castaways, an island survival sandbox game built on the blockchain. Rafts currently have a floor price of 22 ETH.

Both NFTs have their own in-game utility.

"The Raft is a simple water vessel constructed of timber and rope and is useful for locating unclaimed islands," the Castaways team explains on OpenSea. "Its increased propulsion makes it essential for efficiently navigating large bodies of water."

While rafts are for travel, islands are for building new civilizations.

Island NFTs are described as "a small remote island where you must work with others to survive and build a thriving new civilization," and wants players to "strategically use what is available on your island so you can survive and produce more resources in the future."

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