CatBlox X Puma Capsule NFTs

CatBlox X Puma Capsule NFT Overview

Project Information

CatBlox X Puma Capsule is a collection of 2,500 NFTs celebrating PUMA’s iconic legacy and culture on the Ethereum Blockchain. The collection includes rare items with traits and visual characteristics co-designed by Colm Dillane, founder of KidSuper.

CatBlox Studios expands Web 3 through collaboration and community. They help legacy brands explore new ways of connecting with cutting-edge technology and community dynamics. For members, they offer a suite of benefits, virtual and real-world events, and exclusive access to their seasonal collaborations.

Minters of a Capsule can redeem the digital tokens for physical apparel items that match the rarity tier of their NFT. One lucky minter will randomly receive the 1/1 rare cat that entitles them to a 1/1 original KidSuper design. Both the digital and physical items are exclusive to this Capsule Collection, never to be sold again. Additionally, each NFT extends a further opportunity for access to PUMA's web3 future experiences and ecosystem and first access to upcoming Web3 activities from KidSuper.

The Capsule Collection features a unique reveal period, rather than a typical reveal date with holders getting a period of six days to choose when to reveal their NFT and its corresponding rarity. At the end of the 6-day period, all NFTs will be automatically revealed and will feature a small hoodie icon in the lower right corner of the image indicating that the apparel has NOT been claimed.