Catbotica NFTs

Catbotica NFT Overview

Project Information

Catbotica is an initial collection of 12,000 generative, hand-drawn Catbots on the Ethereum blockchain. Catbotica is created by Genesis Arc, a holding company, led by Jin Kim, Will Chang, Darren Rawlings, Koichi Nakai, and Rene Pardo. Genesis Arc plans to utilize blockchain technology to develop Catbotica to be used in an animated series, an open-world game, and metaverse integration.


The project will first develop a pilot episode of an animated series upon selling out of the initial mint. Additionally in the content milestones holders can expect a full animated series and open-world game development. As part of the NFT milestones, Catbotica has 3D Catbots planned, along with what looks to be multiple companions in the forms of "Nanocats", "Catrons", "929Rs", and "Elementals".