CityDAO Citizenship NFTs

CityDAO Citizenship NFT Overview

Project Information

CityDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization experimenting with decentralized land ownership starting with a 40 acre parcel in Wyoming. There are 10,051 CityDAO NFTs representing proportional ownership in the DAO. The 10,051 NFTs are made up of 10,00 citizens, 50 founding citizens, and one first citizen NFT.

The unofficial founder and first citizen of CityDAO is Scott Fitsimones, a San Francisco based entrepreneur. 

Holders of the Citizen NFTs are considered citizens of the CityDAO and granted community access and governance. While the CityDAO website states that the NFT grants early access to participate in CityDAO activities such as land drops, access to Citizens-only Discord channels, and voting power, it does not grant ownership of land or provide income of any means.