Celmates Crime Reports Mint, Churn Over 500 ETH on Secondary

Celmates Crime Reports Mint, Churn Over 500 ETH on Secondary
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Celmates Crime Reports minted on Monday, rising to the second spot in daily NFT volume with over 550 ETH in secondary sales

Users on the 'WardenList' were able to mint the 4,207 NFTs for .333 ETH each, with the floor now holding at .56 ETH for the currently unrevealed collection. 

The project comes from French artist McBess, who previously collaborated with the Bored Ape Yacht Club on their October merch drop with his clothing label The Dudes.

Didn’t expect this, bit stunned. People won’t be forgotten.

— mcbess (@mcbess) November 21, 2022

Crime Reports can be burned to mint Celmates, or kept 'unrevealed', according to the project's website

"These crime reports will define your Steel Hose entry point. You can burn your crime report on Judgement Day, or... You can keep it stashed and avoid judgment."

Celmates will 'function as the skeleton keys' to the 'Steel Hose Penistentiary' (yes, you read that correctly), a members-only prison. The site also hints at 'Death Row', a staking option that rewards prisoners who serve a longer sentence. 

The Celmates' volume was second only to the Bored Ape Yacht Club, which eclipsed 1,000 ETH in secondary trading on the day.

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