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Art Blocks Announces Next Curated Project
Tyler Warner

The Art Blocks team has announced its next Curated release, via discord announcement this afternoon. 

The project is called "Pre-Process" by Casey Reas and will debut next Wednesday, Nov. 30th at 1:00 p.m. ET. The final details on supply and price have not yet been released.

This will be a unique release for a few reasons: 1) Reas has already released a Curated project "Century" and thus will be the first-ever returning artist and 2) he is on the Art Blocks Curated board, meaning he had to abstain from the vote reviewing his project.

In the past, once an artist has completed a Curated project, all future releases are in the Playground (now Presents) collection. Thus, this will be the first-ever "return" to Curated (it should be noted that artist Rafael Rozendaal has returned before but in a collab, not solo).

A bit of background on the project, from the artist:

"I can trace the origin of Pre-Process back to a Saturday afternoon in 2003 when I was sketching—first on paper, and then with code. I began by drawing circles, then connecting their center points, and then placing the circles in motion as coded animation. At that time, I was focused on ideas and not images."

The outputs of Pre-Process certainly display that inspiration, as the visual theme appears to be connected, animated circles. Reas does not appear to be using color palettes in the ouptuts, opting instead for black and white. View sample outputs here.

The artist goes on to describe the coding mechanics as being based on a combination of Elements, Forms, and Behaviors.

The Forms are circles, and the 4 behaviors include moving in straight lines, constrained to a surface, changing direction upon touch, and moving away from overlapping elements. The Element is the combination of the Form plus the 4 Behaviors.

Reas' previous Curated release Century holds a 2.9 ETH floor with a supply of 1,000 NFTs, though none have sold on the news of his new release.

Art Blocks Announces Next Curated Project