Chainface Arena Sequel, Elixir Claim for CFA Holders Announced

Chainface Arena Sequel, Elixir Claim for CFA Holders Announced
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After much teasing, an official announcement came from Nate Alex and the Secret Project team about the future of Chainface Arena NFTs. 

First, the snapshot for Chainface Arena NFT holders was completed and any holder with a CFA NFT in their wallet will be eligible to claim an elixir NFT starting tomorrow (4/20). This elixir NFT can be used to upgrade live Chainface Arena NFTs to Chainface HD NFTs. 

A delay in the building will give holders up to two weeks to claim their elixir NFT, though Alex teased potential benefits for the first wallet to solve the mystery and claim the elixir token. 

This delay also impacts the revival of dead Chainface Arena NFTs, though this will be an option in the near future. 

More information regarding alive and dead CFA NFTs, original Chainfaces, and the elixirs will be shared shortly. 

Last but not least, the long announcement from the team did confirm an eventual Chainface Arena sequel. 

An AMA will be held tomorrow for any parties looking to gather more information. 

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