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ChainFaces Arena Ready for Migration to BTC
Julian Son

ChainFaces Arena creator Nate Alex detailed the upcoming BTC ordinal migration mini-project, in a tweet thread from today.

🔙 Back It Up

ChainFaces Arena, created by @natealexnft, is an on-chain game that updates an NFT's metadata in real-time. Chainfaces (collection on OpenSea here) sold out at the beginning of January 2022, at a mint price of 0.069 ETH. The game mechanics are explained in further detail in @bckrissy's tweet 🧵 from last year.

❗ Why It Matters

Nate Alex acknowledged that the hype around ordinals has cooled, but wanted to give ChainFaces Arena collectors something to explore with their NFTs. And as he himself was early to ETH NFT experimentation, he wanted to continue the tradition and give CFA holders a chance to participate in early BTC migration.

🔍 The Details

  • The pieces received on BTC will preserve the deposited faces' characteristics.
  • Minimum amount of faces needed to lock is 4, which creates a 2x2 grid.
  • Due to gas constraints, there is a tie-in for the amount of scars that can be generated (based on the average arena score of the deposited faces).
  • There will be a max supply of 420, but Nate Alex noted he's expecting much less and wanted a hard cap to protect scarcity.
  • Relevant dates:
    • February 26th - Lock contract deployed on mainnet
    • February 27th - Deposits open
    • March 13th - Deposits close
    • March 14th - Ordinals transferred to holder BTC wallets

🎬 Take Action

Those hoping to receive a BTC face grid will need a valid bitcoin address, and at least 4 Faces.

CFA holders can lock their Faces on ETH between February 27th - March 13th, after which they will be locked forever. The BTC face grid will then be inscribed and dropped in their BTC wallet on March 14th.

Those interested should read Nate Alex's tweet 🧵, as it includes various technical components not covered here. And then go to the Secret Project Team Discord to ask questions as needed.


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ChainFaces Arena Ready for Migration to BTC
Last Chance to Revive Falled Chainfaces Arena NFTs
Staff Writer

Nate Alex, the creator of Chainfaces Arena, says holders of fallen Arena NFTs have until about 4:20 p.m. ET Thursday to revive their fallen warriors.

If a user's NFT died in Chainfaces Arena, they'll have to resurrect the NFT in the Catacombs on the Chainfaces HD website to receive their undead character, Nate Alex said.

Last Chance to Revive Falled Chainfaces Arena NFTs
ChainFaces Arena Announces Upgraded NFTs
Lou Sherman

ChainFaces Arena announced the opportunity to bring your original NFTs that died in the arena back to life. Holders will be able to upgrade their NFT into a ChainFaces HD up until the reveal, with the date yet to be announced. Once you have wrapped your ChainFaces NFT, you will not be able to unwrap it back into the original NFT.

ChainFaces Arena Announces Upgraded NFTs
Chainfaces HD Minting To Go Live Today
Staff Writer

Nate Alex, the creator of NFT projects ChainFaces Arena and ChainFaces, announced that the minting for ChainFaces HD will go live today after a slight delay in a tweet this afternoon.

Holders of a ChainFaces Arena will need to use their "ChainFaces HD - Elixir of The Ancient" to revive their NFT and get a Chainfaces HD. ChainFaces HD will also have an Arena, like the original collection, but instead of winning ETH for surviving, users are rewarded points that can be used to redeem for items such as merchandise.

Chainfaces HD Minting To Go Live Today
ChainFaces Arena Alchemist Table Reveal
John Nannetti

ChainFaces Arena released its Alchemist Table game today at 4:20 p.m. ET. Holders of living ChainFaces Arena NFTs can follow this link, to join the quest and claim their exlir.

Elxir will be utilized to upgrade live Chainface Arena NFTs to Chainface HD NFTs. The first member to solve the puzzle will get a free ChainFace Arena NFT and an additional exlir. 

Nate Alex also revealed that the "next iteration of the arena [will release] in the near future."

ChainFaces Arena Alchemist Table Reveal
LT;DR Jan. 3 NFT Recap: Chainfaces Arena, OpenSea Volume Rises
John Nannetti

Top News Today:

  • Chainfaces Arena

  • Fyat Lux & Prime Ape Planet Reveals 

  • OpenSea Volume Rises 

  • Top Movers

Chainfaces Arena

The games have begun in the ChainFaces Arena. ChainFaces who enter the arena will compete to become champion & earn bounties. Losing in the arena means the NFT is gone forever, but holders can leave the arena for a portion of time after each round is completed. 17,032 Chainfaces entered the arena and at round three there are 16,898 remaining. Bounty is at 0.412 ETH per Chainface entered and pulled from the game. 

Fyat Lux & Prime Ape Planet Reveals 

Prime Ape Planet revealed at 4:00 p.m. EST today with the floor nearly reaching 3 ETH before unveiling. Since the reveal the floor has dropped to 2 ETH with a steady volume carrying through the release. 

Fyat Lux revealed its 8,080 piece 3d avatar NFT collection this afternoon. Sitting at a floor of 0.2 ETH, the collection had done 800 ETH in secondary sales just before reveal. 

OpenSea Volume Rises 

After the new year OpenSea has seen a tremendous increase in volume. Today day marks the second day in a row with over $240 Million in sales volume on OpenSea. As the tax discussions quiet for a while and the NFT community enters a new fiscal year, it seems as though buyers are ready to spend again. 



  • Bored Ape Yacht Club has flipped Punks and are holding incredible volume at almost 4,000 ETH. 

  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club volume above 5,000 ETH leading our ranking with over $18 million in 24 hours. 

  • CloneX volume rises 200% as the whole NFT community spend. 

  • Check out Lucky Trader's full NFT project rankings here

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LT;DR Jan. 3 NFT Recap: Chainfaces Arena, OpenSea Volume Rises