Chimpers Launches New Arcade Game to the Public

Chimpers Launches New Arcade Game to the Public
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Chimpers, a 5,555-piece generative NFT collection by Nouns DAO artist Timpers, launched the public version of its arcade game today, Aug. 19. 

"It's time," the tweet announcement reads. "The Chimpers Arcade game is now public. Head to our website, use your Twitter handle to start, and play."

A Twitter handle is required to play the game, and it serves as a way for users to redeem prizes during the raffle. To enter the raffle, players must reach a score of 5,000 total points, which happens around wave 15. Prizes include Chimpers and ETH.

The game starts by selecting one of five characters and gets progressively more challenging as the waves continue, similar to the 1978 shoot 'em up arcade game Space Invaders.

When the game ends, there is a leaderboard to see the top scorers of all time. Currently, the top scorer has 8,000 total points. Can you beat it?

Play the game here.

This news follows the recent opening of the Chimpers Dojo, a training facility for Chimpers NFT holders. More information about the Dojo here.

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