Chimpers See Price Uptick After Dojo Announcement

Chimpers See Price Uptick After Dojo Announcement
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Chimpers are up 304 percent in total volume (93 ETH), 264 percent in total sales (40), and 12 percent in floor price (1.9 ETH) in the last 24 hours.

The uptick in volume, sales, and floor price follows the team's announcement of its Dojo, a fun, engaging, simple, and low-cost gamified staking system and launch pad for the TBAC Series 2 adventure story.

The video announcement, which can be seen here, shows a Chimper entering the dojo, training under some kind of material arts master, battling their master, and setting off on their next adventure.

And these are the three distinct activities the Dojo is intended to highlight: training, battling, and adventuring.

"Participating in the activities is automatic, you will not have to do anything except stake your Chimpers and observe your performance," the team wrote in its announcement. "During the Dojo activities, you will receive and win XP that allows you to level up and earn Bandanas. XP and Bandanas earned will display on your staked Chimpers profile in the Dojo and your current Bandana level will show in the metadata."

Training earns Chimpers one XP per day for Generative, two XP per day for Legendary, and three XP per day for Genesis. Battles earn Chimpers rewards. And adventures are where the real mystery, surprise, and reward begins, according to the team.

Phase 1 is expected soon, as are staking details.

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