Full Spectrum Squiggle Sells for 130 ETH

Full Spectrum Squiggle Sells for 130 ETH
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Chromie Squiggle #9502, one of only 42 "Full Spectrum" Squiggles, sold for 130 ETH on Sunday night. 

The sale took place on X2Y2's NFT marketplace, where the seller yielded no fee to the marketplace, recouping all 130 ETH or approximately $203,000. Only one Full Spectrum Squiggle is listed for sale on OpenSea's marketplace for 650 ETH. 

The most recently traded one was sold six months ago for 229 ETH or $360,000 at the time of purchase. After the purchase, the Squiggle was transferred to a wallet belonging to Punk6529. 

Chromie Squiggles have been gaining tons of steam in the last week, jumping more than 14 percent to 16.83 ETH at the time of writing. The move has pushed the project up to No. 6 overall in our Lucky Trader Power Rankings

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