SquiggleDAO Aims to Hold 1,000 Chromie Squiggles

SquiggleDAO Aims to Hold 1,000 Chromie Squiggles
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SquiggleDAO, a foundry for on-chain generative art, swept 14 Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro NFTs yesterday and is looking to reach 1,000 artworks in the future.

This recent sweep pushed the floor price for Squiggles to 12.5 ETH, up from 10.5 ETH. It also brings SquiggleDAO's total to 289 artworks.

"We just swept 14 Squiggles off the floor," the DAO wrote on Twitter. "Not because we wanted to, but because we had to. We are on a journey to building the best collection of Squiggles in the world. One day we will have 1,000 Squiggles in our vault, but today we stand at 289."

The DAO has committed to owning 300 total Squiggles by the end of the year, and after that goal is accomplished, a major announcement is coming, according to the DAO.

SquiggleDAO is now the fourth top Squiggles holder, passing popular NFT personality gmoney. Two anonymous accounts hold 367 and 413 Squiggles respectively, and Who_dis owns 1,006 of the NFTs.

"Our mission is simple," the DAO wrote on Twitter. "Acquire as many Chromie Squiggles as possible; generate as much Squiggle culture as possible."

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