Chubby Little Jiras NFTs

Chubby Little Jiras

Project Information

Chubby Little Jiras is a collection of 8,888 characters created by @JabaNFT, @Sherlholmes_NFT, and @sm0xlbrain.

Chubby Little Jiras’ core mission is to develop, build upon, and integrate with the already well-established foundation of Project Godjira (PGodjira).

One of the fundamental objectives of the Chubby Little Jiras is to allow newcomers to gain exposure to Project Godjira at a more affordable entry point while ensuring that both projects enjoy the benefits and rewards that PGodjira has to offer.

Staking a Chubby Little Jira gives holders the opportunity to earn $Jira, a token generated by Genesis and Gen2 Godjiras, which can be used to purchase high-quality whitelists from hyped projects.


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