METACITZN Studios NFT Overview

Project Information

METACITZN is a collection of 10,000 tokens fractionalizing ownership of 10 different production studios, creating the world's first decentralized media production collective. There are a total of 1,000 tokens for each individual production studio.

The project team behind METACITZN is vast with backgrounds consisting of an award-winning film director, a former Facebook reality labs employee, a music producer that has worked at Apple and Pinterest among many others. The full team can be found on the METACITZN website here.

METACITZN token holders will collectively co-produce and have ownership of the production of their respective METACITZN Studio. Members of a studio gain access to their own channel on discord and work with a Main Studio production crew on the overall production process. Each studio also has the ability to issue Premier Tokens in anticipation of production launches and to extend access to premier events and shares of the premiere METACITZN Art Vault to non-CITZN holders.