ClashPets Game Pass NFTs

ClashPets Game Pass NFT Overview

Project Information

The ClashPets Game Pass is 10,000 exclusive game passes that guarantee holders 60+ NFT drops they can claim without paying for the full ClashPets gaming experience. Pass holders will receive 3 pets, 1 PFP, 1 warp watch, 1 land parcel deed, marketplace items, and seeds for farming.

ClashPets has a 14-person team made up of a variety of roles including several game designers, along with marketing, advisors, and community management. The project was founded by Alex Diesel and Professor Nazar.

Clashpets is an immersive NFT gaming experience built in the metaverse. The Clashpets gaming experience intends to vastly expand the user base, contributing to the play-to-earn economy for digital assets. Clashpets is free for anyone to access and play, with robust play-to-earn systems. Holders of Clashpets NFTs benefit the most from this ecosystem by gaining significantly increased play-to-earn abilities, access to specialty items, land, and stat buffs, exclusive access to areas in our metaverse, and governance on future features. Clashpets features a solo/campaign mode as well as PVP online multiplayer. Players can traverse through a vast open-world environment, interacting with other Clashpets. Clashpets can be used to collect resources and improve owners' land, battle with other Clashpets in the wild, or battle other academy trainers’ Clashpets.