Clementine's Nightmare V2 NFTs

Clementine's Nightmare V2 NFT Overview

Project Information

Clementine's Nightmare V2, also called "The Eclipse Collection," comes with a supply of 10,010 NFTs that serve as the master key for participating in early access and other rewards for being a holder. The Eclipse Collection introduces 30 new characters to Clementine's universe following up on the phase 1 genesis collection.

Each character will be a playable character in the upcoming Clementine's Nightmare Play-and-Earn mobile game to be launched at a later date. Prior to the beta and public launch of the Play-and-Earn game, Clementine's Nightmare holders are rewarded with airdrops that contain new cosmetics that can be applied to their NFTs.

Holders are also able to access both the alpha and beta versions of the game earlier than the public.

During the beta phase of the game, Clementine's Nightmare holders will receive an airdrop of $INK tokens, which serve as in-game currency to purchase game packs and services. After this initial airdrop of $INK tokens occurs, the only way for a player to earn $INK is through playing the game.