PROOF Collective & RTFKT Discord Servers Temporarily Compromised

PROOF Collective & RTFKT Discord Servers Temporarily Compromised
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UPDATE (10:13 p.m., ET): Multiple Discord servers have been affected by widespread malicious attacks this evening. Be wary of clicking links posted in Discord servers at all times, and especially tonight.

A couple of high profile Discord servers came under attack within a short timeframe Tuesday evening. 

Inside the PROOF Collective Discord server, a message from "akaStevey" acknowledged a hack of the server, which he attributed to a MEE6 bot. According to the mod, "The bot gave itself permission to post messages, and impersonated my account to post about a new Moonbird drop." The malicious link was quickly taken down, but not before "some victims" had already clicked on it.

The RTFKT Discord server came under similar attack around 9:20 p.m., ET. Server mod "Conne" wrote, "He's gone, I am investigating" at 9:24 p.m., attributing the issue to a "hijacked official bot." It is unknown at this time whether any users were affected by the RTFKT Discord hack.

Users who may have been affected are advised to revoke any relevant permissions via

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