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RTFKT: The Journey Begins Tomorrow

RTFKT updated holders on its initiatives and 2023 timelines, starting with pod burning, in a tweet thread on Monday afternoon. 

Why It Matters

Every indication is that RTFKT will focus on its foundations and its core collections through interactive storytelling, leading up to a major IRL event at the end of the year. The ambitious 2023 plans begin tomorrow when RTFKT's pod burning will commence. 

Founder Feedback

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RTFKT: The Journey Begins Tomorrow
RTFKT Pod Burning Coming in January
Logan Hitchcock

RTFKT Pod burning will take place in January 2023, according to a tweet from company co-founder Benoit Pagotto.

Pagotto continued, providing a plethora of information to holders about the upcoming year for RTFKT and the entire Clone X ecosystem and beyond, citing four focuses for 2023: slower, better, together, and deliver. 

Each key theme was expanded upon in Pagotto's Twitter thread. 


The RTFKT ecosystem has rapidly expanded over the course of the last year, and the "slower" theme is intended to refocus the team on tying together the disparate parts of the ecosystem and simplifying along the way. 

"Quality and sustainable building is the priority above all," says Pagotto. 


Better communication is the central theme for RTFKT in 2023. 

Pagotto hints that new collector experiences are coming for Clone and Egg holders, one that will also involve the aforementioned Clone X Pods. 

This collector experience upgrade is expected to also include a revamped website. 


RTFKT remains committed to building and listening to its active and creative community members. 


Finally, a commitment to delivering on all the foundational products in the RTFKT ecosystem remains a priority for RTFKT in 2023. 


Struggling to keep track of all the moving parts in the RTFKT ecosystem? Refer to our comprehensive ecosystem guide.

RTFKT Pod Burning Coming in January
RTFKT x Division Street Allowlist Winners Notified
Logan Hitchcock

Winners of the allowlist for the AR Helmet digital collectible collaboration between RTFKT and Division Street have been notified by email, according to a tweet from the project.

The allowlist is composed of 291 participants, all of which will have the first opportunity to mint the digital collectible at noon ET, for 0.75 ETH each. 

If the allowlist does not complete the mint, an additional waitlist of individuals will have the opportunity to mint starting at 2:30 p.m. ET. This additional supply will be minted on a first-come, first-served basis. 

RTFKT x Division Street Allowlist Winners Notified
RTFKT Allowlist Raffle Is Now Open
Logan Hitchcock

The allowlist raffle for the upcoming RTFKT x Division Street AR Helmet Digital collectible is now open, according to a tweet from the company. 

Only holders of Clone X or Flying Formation NFTs can enter the raffle, which can be entered at To enter, a user must have an RTFKT account and 0.75 ETH in a Wallet Connect-supported wallet. 

The entry period will end at 3:30 p.m. ET today at which point 291 individuals will be allowlisted for the AR Helmet digital collectible. An additional 500 entries will be waitlisted for the eventual sale tomorrow at noon ET. 

The allowlist will be fully subscribed and waitlisted parties will only have an opportunity to mint any leftover collectibles in a first-come, first-served fashion. 

Learn more about the drop in our original reporting


RTFKT Allowlist Raffle Is Now Open
RTFKT Partners With Division Street to Benefit Oregon Student Athletes
Logan Hitchcock

RTFKT is dropping 291 AR Helmet digital collectibles in an effort to support University of Oregon student athletes, according to an announcement by the team

RTFKT teased the project with a video of Nike founder and Oregon alumn, Phil Knight, enabling the AR helmet with a simple tap to the side of his head. The group is working in collaboration with Division Street, an organization working to help Oregon athletes make the most of their brand and NIL (name, image, likeness) deals. 

All proceeds and royalties from the drop will go directly to Division Street to help them empower Oregon athletes. 

How Do I Get An AR Helmet Collectible? 

There is no public mint for AR Helmet digital collectibles, instead, allowlisted parties will be selected through a private raffle. 

Only Clone X and Flying Formation NFT holders will be eligible to join the public raffle tomorrow (Dec. 20) from 10:30 a.m. ET until 3:30 p.m. ET. 

To successfully enter, users must first create an account at and have at least 0.75 ETH in the wallet associated with the account. 

Note: Flying Formation NFT holders have 4x the chance of being selected for the allowlist. 

When Is the Mint? 

The AR Helmet digital collectible will mint in two phases starting on Wednesday, Dec. 21 at noon ET. 

From noon to 3:00 p.m. the allowlisted parties will be eligible to mint an AR Helmet collectible. At the conclusion of the allowlisted window, a waitlist of 500 individuals will have the ability to mint should any supply remain. 

No more than 291 helmets will be available for collection. 

What Else Do I Get? 

Users won't just receive the helmet NFT. In addition to the helmet collectible, all users will have the ability to instantly forge a physical football jersey that goes with the helmet collectible. The forging process takes place during the minting, and users purchasing the accompanying NFT on the secondary market will not have the ability to re-forge the jersey. 

Ten lucky winners will have their jerseys signed by Phil Knight, the founder of Nike. These jerseys will correspond to ten randomly generated, digitally signed Phil Knight helmets. 

When Will I Recieve the Physical Jersey? 

The physical jersey will ship approximately 90 days after the forging event. 

RTFKT Partners With Division Street to Benefit Oregon Student Athletes
Blur Bid Farming Wreaks Havoc on NFT Market This Weekend
Tyler Warner

Blur's newest bid feature has seemingly caused a roller coaster weekend in the NFT market, with several notable collections seeing 10-20 percent swings in both directions.

The weekend started with a bang, as yesterday's market was full of green. Several collections saw significant gains in their floor prices, including:

  • Pudgy Penguins (+22% to 4.94 ETH)
  • Azukis (+15% to 13.9 ETH)
  • Otherdeeds (+15% to 1.36 ETH)
  • Clone X (+10% to 7.4 ETH)
  • MAYC (+5% to 14.8 ETH)

Several notable community members and traders noticed the price action and connected it to the new Blur "bid walls" on Twitter this weekend. As a part of their new Bid feature rollout, Blur has included new analytics allowing traders to see exactly where the bids are coming, by who, and in what amounts.

Infamous BAYC trader Franklin had this to say:

Another notable NFT trader, Cirrus, noted:

The increase in bid activity spiked volume in the market to levels not seen since May 2021, as reported on by NFT Statistics (@punk9059). Of the 30,000 ETH volume, 70 percent was recorded on Blur with a large contribution from Blur airdrop 3 farmers.

Regarding the "farming,", this was the typical mechanic spotted in the Blur market on Saturday: 

1) Farmers submitted bids at or near the floor for top-volume NFT collections like Azuki and MAYC, 2) bought NFT(s) via those bids, 3) immediately sold the NFTs to the highest bid on Blur, and 4) then rinsed and repeated.

This farming temporarily spiked floor prices for those collections, but those bid walls have since fallen and most gains have been erased.

Here are today's numbers, for those same collections (using floor prices on Blur):

  • Pudgy Penguins (-25% to 4 ETH)
  • Azukis (-20% to 11.4 ETH)
  • Otherdeeds (-19% to 1.1 ETH)
  • Clone X (-15% to 6.45 ETH)
  • MAYC (-8% to 13.6 ETH)

Let's take a look at Pudgy Penguins, for example. The current "bid wall" is now 1,038 ETH at the 3.75 ETH level. Compare this to Friday, when there was over 2,000 ETH of bid pressure on the Pudgy Penguins collection, and one will notice a significant reduction in liquidity and buy levels. It is a similar story for each of the collections noted here.

With bidding still earning rewards through the rest of the month, it will be interesting to see how this NFT market continues to react to this latest incentive.


Blur Bid Farming Wreaks Havoc on NFT Market This Weekend
Spirit Azuki and Murakami Clone X Grails Move
Staff Writer

Two major sales took place in the Clone X and Azuki ecosystems in the past 24 hours, at prices over 10x their respective floors.

Last night, a Murakami DNA Clone X sold for 69.42 ETH ($85,081) on OpenSea, while the overall Clone X floor sits at 6.6 ETH. The buyer "ROYALOAK77" has several rare Clone X in their wallet, with this latest buy bringing them to a total of 12 Clone X NFTs held. The sale brings the floor for the rare Murakami DNA trait to 79.9 ETH. 

Then just an hour ago, a rare Spirit Azuki sold for 150 ETH ($184,473) to mosu.eth on the X2Y2 marketplace. The sale brings the Spirit Azuki floor to 160 ETH and reinforces its status as one of the highest sought-after and most liquid grails of any PFP collection. The buy comes while Azuki is riding high, holding a 13 ETH floor which is its highest sustained level since the Zagabond fallout.

Spirit Azuki and Murakami Clone X Grails Move
RTFKT Cryptokicks Public Registration Is Live
Staff Writer

RTFKT announced that the public mint draw registration for its Cryptokicks iRL is now live, via Twitter this afternoon. The team recently updated the mint mechanics for the new digital shoe drop in response to community uproar over their inability to ship internationally.

Interested parties can register at, and registration will be open until Dec. 9 at 11 a.m. ET. Winners will be notified via email between Dec. 13-15, and then the public mint and forging event will take place Dec. 14-16.

Holders of the following RTFKT NFTs will have better odds of being able to buy the Cryptokicks iRL:

  • Clone X
  • Lace Engine
  • Cryptokicks Dunk Genesis
  • Space Drip AF1s
  • Clone Forge AF1s

More information can be found on the different shoe styles, colors, and patters at this site.

The Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks have been in free-fall this week with a current floor of 0.22 ETH (-23%), while the legacy MNLTH 2, the Lace Engine NFT, is at 0.17 ETH.

RTFKT Cryptokicks Public Registration Is Live
RTFKT: MNLTH2 Quests Begin Sunday
Staff Writer

RTFKT announced the first quest to begin the process of opening the MNLTH 2 box is coming Dec. 4, according to a tweet Saturday.

It's been a long wait for MNLTH 2 holders, who received the NFT back in April when the first MNLTH box revealed. Back in September, RTFKT announced the quests to open the box were postponed so the project could "get it right." The first MNLTH box took three months to complete all of its quests.

RTFKT: MNLTH2 Quests Begin Sunday
What is Project Animus? RTFKT Releases More Details
Staff Writer

Project Animus is a collection of possibly 40,000 "unique creatures with special powers and capacities" that will expand the RTFKT ecosystem, according to the project which updated its frequently asked questions Friday.

The creatures, called Animi, will help "Clones in their adventures" and reveal from EGGs — NFTs that are currently being claimed by Clone X holders — after an incubation phase, the project said.

Supply will be "determined by future Lore moments," according to the project. Each of the 19,437 Clone X holders is able to mint one EGG and Clone X mint vial holders that are holding out will need to reveal their Clone X NFT to claim their EGG. The claim will be open until the public sale.

The final supply "will not exceed" 40,000, RTFKT said. A price for the public sale has not been released, but the current floor for the EGGs collection is 1.25 ETH.

The Animi will have different species, designs, and element traits. RTFKT has released videos and images related to Project Animus — possibly revealing some of the art behind the Animi.


What is Project Animus? RTFKT Releases More Details


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