Check Your Mailbox | RTFKT Starts Shipping!

Check Your Mailbox | RTFKT Starts Shipping!
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RTFKT announced its SZN 1 apparel has started shipping and the "unhubbing" for Cryptokicks iRL process is scheduled to begin later this month.

The Deets

  • SZN 1 apparel shipping in batches
  • Cryptokicks iRL unhubbing postponed to later this month
  • Holders get minimum 2 weeks to unhub sneakers

The Details

SZN 1 apparel has begun shipping to customers and will continue to do so in batches over the next few weeks.

The unhubbing process for the Cryptokicks iRL collection, which was initially scheduled to start today, has been postponed and will now take place later this month. Despite the delay, holders will still have a minimum of 2 weeks to unhub their sneakers and enter a US shipping address. The new official date will be shared in the coming days, so holders should stay tuned for updates.

Why It Matters

Holders have been waiting a long time to start forging and receiving their physicals from RTFKT and now that time has finally come.

🎤 Community Quotes

Can't wait to get my packages!@Alts_Anonymous


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