RTFKT Allowlist Raffle Is Now Open

RTFKT Allowlist Raffle Is Now Open
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The allowlist raffle for the upcoming RTFKT x Division Street AR Helmet Digital collectible is now open, according to a tweet from the company. 

Only holders of Clone X or Flying Formation NFTs can enter the raffle, which can be entered at RTFKT.com. To enter, a user must have an RTFKT account and 0.75 ETH in a Wallet Connect-supported wallet. 

The entry period will end at 3:30 p.m. ET today at which point 291 individuals will be allowlisted for the AR Helmet digital collectible. An additional 500 entries will be waitlisted for the eventual sale tomorrow at noon ET. 

The allowlist will be fully subscribed and waitlisted parties will only have an opportunity to mint any leftover collectibles in a first-come, first-served fashion. 

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