Lace Engine Holders Can Mint Cryptokicks Now

Lace Engine Holders Can Mint Cryptokicks Now
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Lace Engine NFT holders can now mint and forge their Cryptokicks iRL NFTs, said RTFKT in a tweet Monday.

Holders have until Dec. 14 at 8 a.m. ET to choose one of four specially designed sneakers that range from 0.36 ETH to 0.8 ETH in price.

The price of the Lace Engine NFT has fallen from around 0.59 ETH earlier this month to around 0.0648 ETH now. The NFT allowed users to guarantee a mint of the Cryptokicks iRL and receive a discount from 0.08 to 0.27 ETH depending on the shoe.

Users will need an RTFKT account to mint and forge the shoes and a U.S. shipping address to collect them. The project responded to concerns from international holders by announcing a "hubbed" version of the NFT which can be forged in May.

The Lace Engine forge is different from the public raffle, which mint and forges Dec. 14-16.

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