RTFKT Pod Burning Coming in January

RTFKT Pod Burning Coming in January
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RTFKT Pod burning will take place in January 2023, according to a tweet from company co-founder Benoit Pagotto.

Pagotto continued, providing a plethora of information to holders about the upcoming year for RTFKT and the entire Clone X ecosystem and beyond, citing four focuses for 2023: slower, better, together, and deliver. 

Each key theme was expanded upon in Pagotto's Twitter thread. 


The RTFKT ecosystem has rapidly expanded over the course of the last year, and the "slower" theme is intended to refocus the team on tying together the disparate parts of the ecosystem and simplifying along the way. 

"Quality and sustainable building is the priority above all," says Pagotto. 


Better communication is the central theme for RTFKT in 2023. 

Pagotto hints that new collector experiences are coming for Clone and Egg holders, one that will also involve the aforementioned Clone X Pods. 

This collector experience upgrade is expected to also include a revamped website. 


RTFKT remains committed to building and listening to its active and creative community members. 


Finally, a commitment to delivering on all the foundational products in the RTFKT ecosystem remains a priority for RTFKT in 2023. 


Struggling to keep track of all the moving parts in the RTFKT ecosystem? Refer to our comprehensive ecosystem guide.

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