RTFKT Announces RIMOWA Collaboration Details

RTFKT Announces RIMOWA Collaboration Details
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RTFKT has finally announced what its collaboration with RIMOWA will be: A collection of 2,222 WorkerBots NFTs for 0.08 ETH and 888 luxury suitcases for 2.3 ETH each.

The Oct. 27 mint will be open to all — not just RTFKT NFT holders — through a "live draw system." Users will need the minimum amount of ETH for either mint in a wallet to participate. A time has not been announced.

Clone X holders do have a "higher probability of winning the draw" if they use the wallet holding their Clone X to enter the draw. The project did not say how much each Clone X improves a wallet's probability. 

The luggage is covered in a special edition "Wandersmith" pattern — and RTFKT shared more about the Wandersmith ("a legendary artisan mech practicing his craft in the RTFKT x Rimowa Space Stace Worskhop located in the Draco constellation") and other lore on the website. Shipping is included.

The WorkerBots are the WanderSmith's "trusted assistants" but a "FUD Virus" has left them "totally unproductive." RTFKT says the WorkerBots NFT can be used "to start exploring the metaverse" and users can download the robot NFT's 3D files, animation, and poses at a later date. The back of the WorkerBot can be equipped with a RTFKT Skin Vial.

Both NFTs can currently be used in AR through a Snapchat lens. (Luggage lens here.)

All this month, RTFKT has been teasing the RIMOWA collaboration with a series of Side Quests on social media. 

Those that purchase the Cabin Luggage NFT will be able to forge their items at an unannounced date. The Luggage NFT will "unlock new RTFKT x RIMOWA NFTs for the owners." according to the site's FAQs.

The price of RIMOWA's Original Cabin luggage — without the pattern — is $1,400, when purchased straight from the RIMOWA website.

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