RTFKT Egg Claim Slated to Start Tomorrow

RTFKT Egg Claim Slated to Start Tomorrow
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RTFKT, a Nike-owned company and the creators of Clone X, announced that its "Egg Claim" for Clone X holders will begin tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. ET in a recent tweet. 

For every Clone X a user holds they will be able to claim one Egg on the RTFKT website beginning tomorrow. 

There is currently no deadline set for the claim but RTFKT did let it be known that the claim will close at a later date in 2023. Also slated for 2023 is the reveal for the project as well as what RTFKT is referring to as "incubation."

It is worth noting that holding a Clone X Mint Vial does not make users eligible to claim an Egg, a user must hold a fully revealed Clone X to participate in the claim according to the company's FAQ.

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