RTFKT on Exploit: 'Entire Team Worked Really Hard'

RTFKT on Exploit: 'Entire Team Worked Really Hard'

RTFKT heads defended their team's "hard work" despite an exploit that allowed minters of the RTFKT x RIMOWA NFTs to buy more than their allotted amount Thursday.

The drop was done through an innovative and interactive raffle, where users gathered in a space station and picked which item (a WorkerBot or a luxury luggage NFT) they wanted to mint. To qualify for the raffle users needed 0.07 ETH in their wallet to mint the WorkerBot NFT and 2 ETH to mint the luggage. But those that made it through the queue were able to transfer their newly purchased NFT out of their wallet and buy another.

"Yes, I am aware of the issue with the loopable exploit," said RTFKT CTO Samuel Cardillo in a Twitter thread. "The reality is: this was the first raffle we've done, and also an intense collaboration with @oncyber. The entire team worked really hard, on both (ends), to ensure a very unique and new experience."

The explot was pointed out by web3 developer 0xbender shortly after the 2,222 WorkerBots and 888 RIMOWA luggage pieces sold out. It was an exploit where "15 (minutes) with any half-decent solidity dev would have caught this," according to one Twitter user.

"We are looking at what went well and what did not, as usual, then we learn and make sure we improve. Hopefully, still, despite that, I hope that many of you were able to enjoy the 3D experience and the mint itself, which was all done using VRF Chainlink," said Cardillo.

The floor price for the WorkerBots is currently 0.299 ETH and the luggage NFTs have a floor price of 2.264 ETH.

More about Clone X

Clone X is the profile picture NFT collection produced by RTFKT featuring art by Takashi Murakami. RTFKT is partnered with Nike and the two have explorer a number of "phygital" initiatves that blend physical merch with metaverse compatible collectibles.

At the time of publish, the Clone X floor price sits at 7.8 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 441 ETH volume of transactions. Over that same timeframe, 3 sharp wallets have sold 4 NFTs and 2 sharp wallets have bought 3 NFTs in the Clone X collection. Catch up on other recent Clone X news here.

Recent Clone X Sales

#12393sold at 11/26 9:11pm for
#17990sold at 11/26 9:11pm for
#17989sold at 11/26 8:11pm for
#19404sold at 11/26 7:11pm for
#8017sold at 11/26 6:11pm for

Recent Clone X Listings

#6104listed at 11/26 9:11pm for
#6104listed at 11/26 9:11pm for
#19362listed at 11/26 9:11pm for
#19362listed at 11/26 9:11pm for
#13507listed at 11/26 9:11pm for
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