RTFKT Shares New Details for Project Animus

RTFKT Shares New Details for Project Animus
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The RTFKT team has shared new details for Project Animus and its Eggsperiences, in a tweet this afternoon.

The mysterious trailer video includes a computer screen with Project Animus metrics "ANIMUSEGGSTORAGE" in green, "ANIMUSCORE" in green, and "SECURITY" in yellow. The trailer then shows a research facility and teases 2 Eggsperiences, coming at the following times:

  • Eggsperience 1: Nov. 29, 4 p.m. ET
  • Eggsperience 2: Nov 30, 10 a.m. ET

A link was shared (twitch.tv/rtfktstudios), which is likely where the Eggsperiences will take place (confirmed with a countdown trailer on the twitch page).

The project tagline "Protect the egg at all costs" was reinforced in the final message of the trailer.

The 'EGGDROP' will be an open claim on the RTFKT website with no snapshot or deadlines, according to a later tweet

Clone X currently holds an 8.9 ETH floor, up 2 percent on the week. There have been no sales since the announcement.

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