CoinDesk Presents: Microcosms by Fahad Karim NFTs

CoinDesk Presents: Microcosms by Fahad Karim NFT Overview

Project Information

Microcosms is a collection of 1,000 on-chain, generative art NFTs created by engineer and artist Fahas Karim on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection was released by CoinDesk with the intent of utilizing NFTs to provide personal and digital rewards to holders for Consensus, their yearly Web3 conference. Minters received an airdropped Pro Pass ticket to Consensus for three years, while certain rarities unlock special perks and experiences on the ground at Consensus each year. All holders can access exclusive community channels within the Consensus Telegram, receive additional benefits from CoinDesk and Consensus partners, and receive bonus $DESK airdrops, which is the social token of CoinDesk.