Vox Collectibles: The Walking Dead NFTs

Vox Collectibles: The Walking Dead NFT Overview

Project Information

A Collection of 8,888 NFTs that expand the Voxverse. The NFT avatars earn utility tokens from AMC and Gala Games and are inspired by The Walking Dead. The Gala/Walking Dead collab expands Gala's partnership with AMC by reimagining Walking Dead fans' favorite compelling characters and cringe-worthy walkers as provably unique, NFT avatars in the VOXverse.

All Walking Dead VOX is playable in The Walking Dead: Empires game. Holders can place their VOX in their home base for exclusive in-game stat boosts for allies to help survive. The Walking Dead: Empires is a multiplayer survival game set in the world of AMC's The Walking Dead. Players must survive in this harsh reality by doing whatever it takes. Players can scavenge for supplies and construct their new home as well as team up with allies and compete against maniacal foes.