Colorspace by Tabor Robak NFTs

Colorspace by Tabor Robak NFT Overview

Project Information

Colorspace by Tabor Robak is a 600-piece Art Blocks Curated collection from artist Tabor Robak. The Colorspace collection donated 25% of proceeds from the sale to programs providing arts tutoring and mentoring for children and youth from underrepresented communities.

Featuring projects like Fidenzas by Tyler Hobbs and Ringers by Dimitri Cherniak, Art Blocks Curated only accepts collections from artists that have been formally accepted via the Art Blocks' team. These collections are selected as the best representation of the Art Blocks’ vision and typically come with a higher entry point.  

Tabor Robak has been making art on the computer his whole life and has his work collected by institutions like The MET, MoMA, and the Whitney. Tabor is a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree and has collaborated with brands like Balenciaga and Microsoft. Furthermore, he's taught at NYU and lectured at Yale.

Per Tabor this work was inspired by the file size limits of storing on Ethereum: cutting edge technology meets a floppy disc. He further states it reminded him of his original software tools: MacPaint, Kid Pix, HyperCard, on a black and white Mac Classic II, colliding with a decked-out gaming computer, running an arsenal of software, in millions of colors. Tabor hopes Colorspace evokes the fun of learning new software, the trance-like state of a late-night coding session, and the anxiety of an HDD failure at a critical deadline.