The Complaint Cards (not) by 6529 NFTs

The Complaint Cards (not) by 6529 NFT Overview

Project Information

The Complaint Cards (not) by 6529 is a collection of collectible digital card NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection is inspired by The Memes by 6529, and was founded by community member blocknoob. As the demand for 6529 Meme Cards grew, there became an imbalance with the supply of each drop compared to the demand. As demand grew, so to did the number of complaints with each drop. Blocknoob registered the ENS address 6529complaints.eth to act as an inbox for people to mint complaints on the blockchain and send them to a singular address. While anyone can send a complaint to the inbox to be displayed, blocknoob wanted to embrace 6529's mission statement of 'fighting for the open metaverse' through meme ownership and distribution. The Complaint Cards are the curated meme releases that expand on fighting for the open metaverse.