Cool Cats' Missing Pet Found, Reward of 50,000 MILK

Cool Cats' Missing Pet Found, Reward of 50,000 MILK

Milo, one of the Cool Cats pets that went missing last week, has been found, according to the littles official Twitter.

"Hurray," the team tweeted. "We found Milo. Now that we know who's wallet this little guy is in, we can return him back to Cool Cats."

The Cool Cats' team announced the find-and-seek contest on Jun. 30 via Twitter.

"Hey the littles, you've come at the perfect time, we've lost our cool pet, Milo," the team tweeted. "Will you help us find it? Maybe this map would help you in your search."

A day later, the littles tweeted that the reward for returning Milo is 50,000 MILK, the Cool Cats' native utility token, which is supposed to be incorporated in the littles' ecosystem soon.

Milo is currently in an unannounced wallet, and when it is returned to the Cool Cats team, the reward will be issued. It is unclear whether this was a one-off event or the start of multiple collaborations between these two NFT projects.

More about Cool Cats

Cool Cats is a collection of 9,999 unique, randomly generated cats on the Ethereum blockchain. All cats are cool, but the Cool Cats that have a complete outfit find themselves in different rarity tiers. Cool Pets, a companion collection that was airdropped to Cool Cats holders, function as playable characters in the project's "Cooltopia" game.

At the time of publish, the Cool Cats floor price sits at 1.944 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 33 ETH volume of transactions. Over that same timeframe, 1 sharp wallets have sold 1 NFTs and 1 sharp wallets have bought 1 NFTs in the Cool Cats collection. Catch up on other recent Cool Cats news here.

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Recent Cool Cats Listings

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#9091listed at 12/09 1:12am for
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