Cool Cats Teases Collaboration With The Littles

Cool Cats Teases Collaboration With The Littles
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Cool Cats teased an upcoming collaboration with NFT project the littles via Twitter today

"Hey the littles, you've come at the perfect time, we've lost our cool pet, Milo," the tweet reads. "Will you help us find it? Maybe this map would help you in your search."

The tweet ends with #jojosadventure. JoJo the bird is one of the Cool Cats characters and shows up in the project's lore.

Cool Cats had announced plans for a collaboration with the littles during a Town Hall back in December 2021.

When asked whether or not the littles will be on the same level as Cool Pets in the then-upcoming Cooltopia game, Tom answered, "We, at the moment, don't have designed for the littles to come into our universe. I'm not saying we never will. But the MILK can certainly exit our system."

MILK is Cool Cats native utility token.

Wil from the littles also responded.

"We provide added utility for those that are holding MILK," he said. "You can bring it into our ecosystem and engage with our gameplay."

The Cool Cats team has been pushing new MILK sinks for some time now. This teaser could be related to this.

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