Cool Cats Journeying

Cool Cats Journeying
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Cool Cats launched Journeys Chapter 1: Fractures, an interactive, gamified story-telling experience with rewards for holders. 

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Cool Cat "Fractures" are a collection of 11,575 dynamic NFTs that act as an access pass to participating in the story and gaining rewards along the way.

Every Cool Cats/Cool Pets holder was airdropped a Fractures NFT (FP 0.14 ETH) last week, which will allow them to explore the first Journey. Journeys last two weeks each, and you'll solve puzzles, answer riddles, and burn specific items to help Blue in his journey into Cooltopia.

The Fracture NFTs will evolve with trait rarities based on your Journey Score, and the achievement badges you get for completing journeys will increase your Cool Score

❗ Why It Matters

Quite simply, participating will allow Cool Cats/Cool Pets holders with a Fracture NFT to receive free benefits and rewards just for playing.

Additionally, those with the highest Cool Scores when the journey is over will win the highest rarity traits to upgrade their PFP. There will also be raffled rewards, from IRL merch to Cool Cats NFTs.

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  • Join the Journey before Feb 13 at 5:00 p.m. ET


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