Cool Cats Teases Potential Boss Battle Characters

Cool Cats Teases Potential Boss Battle Characters
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Earlier this evening, Cool Cats released an image of multiple characters, which might be for its upcoming boss battles that were teased in its recent puzzle challenge.

This follows the team releasing the name of one of the bosses known as "Master of Goldfish" and them announcing a series of updates and added features to the game such as including energy levels, new items, "Cat Gathering," and more.

Arguably the biggest update is the addition of energy levels, as before players were able to complete a quest each day but with the energy levels, users will now have to restore their energy to complete quests, which can be done by feeding the Cool Cats and Cool Pets items. 

The floor price of Cool Cats currently sits at 4.0 ETH with Cool Pets sitting at 0.30 ETH according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings.



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