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About Cool Pets

Cool Pets is a collection of 19,999 Cool Cats companion NFTs.

The project is an expansion of Cooltopia, the Cool Cats NFT universe.

As an integral part of the upcoming play-and-earn gaming system, Cool Pets will embark on quests to earn $MILK (Polygon), Cool Cats in-game currency.

For every Cool Cats NFT a wallet holds they will be able to claim one Cool Pet.

Each Cool Pet will start as an egg and hatch into a water, air, fire, or grass element creature. Interaction is required to hatch each egg, and the items that are chosen to interact with each Cool Pet will help determine their element trait.

The Cool Pets gaming system allows for users and developers to "bolt-on" new contracts to the preexisting structure, meaning quests and activities can be built on top of the Cool Cats platform.

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