Journey Season 2: Cool Cats & Shadow Wolves Unite!

Journey Season 2: Cool Cats & Shadow Wolves Unite!
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Journey Season 2 is now live, offering exclusive experiences for Cool Cats, Cool Pets, and Shadow Wolves holders. In addition, The Cool Cats team has announced participants from Season 1 will receive an exclusive NFT airdrop as a token of gratitude.

❗Why It Matters

While there isn't too much information on how exactly this NFT will help holders in the future - Cool Cats has been developing its new adventure with "Journeys" that are building interactive lore so it might be good to hold on to it if you are interested in participating. In fact, the team went as far as to "spell it out." 

🎤 Project Prose

You may want to hold onto this, as it could help you in the future!Cool Cats

The Deets:

  • Alternating Journeys for Cats/Pets and Shadow Wolves
  • Fracture holders encouraged to mint Shadow Wolves
  • May 19 deadline to avoid Fractures becoming useless
  • 96-hour window to join Journey "6"

The Details

Journey Season 2 officially launched, and for the first time, the experience will alternate between Cool Cats and Cool Pets holders, as well as the new Shadow Wolves.

Fracture holders looking to participate in Journeys in Season 2 should mint their Shadow Wolves before the May 19 deadline. After this date, any unused Fractures will no longer carry membership or utility benefits, rendering them useless.

🎬 Take Action

Join Journey "6" by following these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Select map marker "6."
  4. Join the Journey and follow the instructions.

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